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Cash for Cars NJ
​(973) 204-7869
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Need To Sell Your Car, Truck, Van or SUV?

Good or bad condition ? Car Broke Down? 

*We Pay Top Dollar For Cars Running or Not*

​​(973) 204-7869
​​(732) 600-0033

Call for FREE Estimate​​​

High Mileage, Bad Motor, and Transmission Trouble = O.K.!

  1. Free Towing
  2. Car Pick Up
  3. Cash On The Spot
  4. Will Buy "As Is"
 Do you have a car you need to get rid of?   Want to make some cash?

 We will buy your used car running or not , broke down, damaged and give you cash on the   spot.  We will even tow it away for FREE!   Nowhere in the State of New Jersey is   too far and we pay more.  Cash for Cars NJ is licensed and insured, and we pay   you fair, honest prices for your car. 

 We are open 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  Call us today to schedule a   time for pick-up.  
We are looking for SUVs, Cars, Pick Up Trucks and More! ​​
and all other makes
High Mileage
Transmission Issues
Bad Motor
Fire Damaged
Flood Damaged
Accident Damaged

 We Buy Them All!!
7944 Fake Ave, Door 56 Wonderland, NYC 12347
+92452 241564 +92452 458564
  1. Cash for Cars NJ took my old, broken down, eye sore of a car and gave me the best price! They were so easy to work with, and I would recommend them to everyone!

    Melissa in NJ

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